c1460-1465 Cuirass & Pauldrons

This armor is based off of the Le Landeron armor c1460-1465. The left pauldron is missing from the original, so this version is made in a similar style. All buckles, hinges and straps are all made individually by hand. Pointille work is based off the original and adapted to the customer’s requests. Additional images of these details are included below.

Cuirass & Pauldrons: 1050 hardened spring steel
Leather: Tumbled finish to achieve historical function
Buckles & Hinges: Mild steel

Pointille Wording:
Neck Roll: Customer’s motto “SPES MEA IN DEO” (My faith is in God)
Right pauldron: “AMA DIO” (Love of God)
Left pauldron: “AVA MARIA” (Holy Mary)
Left tasset: “SINISTER” (Left)
Right tasset: “DEXTER” (Right)
Hind tasset: “CLÚNIS” (Buttocks)

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