Viking age sword, Seax and scabbards

This viking age sword and seax are companion pieces. As per the customers request we kept the details to a warriors status not kingly or farmer. The inlay designs were also suggested by the customer and are done in copper. The scabbard for the sword is a wood core of poplar and lined with wool. The details on the the seax sheath were loosely based off other historical examples. The last few images show the inlaying process.

Sword Specs: Overall Wt: 1066g 2lbs 6oz Blade length: 29.25″ Blade width: 2.25″ Balance point: 4″¬† Overall length: 35.75 Grip: 4″

Seax Specs: Overall Wt. 469g 1lbs 1oz Blade length: 14″ Blade width: 1.375″ Balance point: 3.75″ Overall length: 18″ Grip: 3.875″

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